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Sample Pack of Plastic Boxes (11 ea)

Price: $10.00

Item Number: SamplePack
Manufacturer: Made in USA
Our "Sample Pack" consists of an assortment of 11 different size cases (1 each). Perfect for use in evaluating sizes and styles for your packaging project!
Typically they will be white (our standard stock color), though some individual parts may be in translucent clear (as pictured in one of our images) or in a variety of colors. Some may even include some level of customization, including optional gaskets or imprints.

The eleven sizes included in the Sample Pack are Parts Case, Mini Case, Handy Pocket Case, Advantage Case, Contoured Pocket Case, Super Pocket Case, Travel Case, S10, N12, S16, and S24G. Note that our largest case, the S36GS, is not pictured and is not included in this sample pack.